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Barbeque & Annual General Meeting

August 2019

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On a balmy August evening, WMMC members and families met at Chaddesley Corbett Sports Club for the annual General Meeting.

Equipped with tools and food that required cooking, hardy Brethren took their positions at the communal barbeque station. In the true spirit of Masonry, Brother supported Brother to ensure that meat was thoroughly cooked while wives, partners and families prepared their picnics.

Then followed the General Meeting.


Chairman, Charles Dodge, opened the meeting and proposed the re-election of Robert (Bob) Vaughan as President, which was seconded. Bob then took the Chair and invited Bob Gameson, Treasurer, to present his report. It concluded that the Club was in good standing and the Treasurers Report was accepted.

The Election of Officers followed and all Officers remained in post, with the exception of Bob Gameson who had announced his wish to retire as Treasurer. Therefore, Charles remains in place as Chairman, his wife Eryl continues as Secretary, Wendy is the new Treasurer, Bernard continues as Event Organiser, and David and Sue Emery as Website Editors.

Bernard gave a brief overview of the events planned for the remainder of the year and those proposed for 2020. The evening concluded with the presentation of a cheque for the 2022 Festival and, of course, the raffle.

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