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Driving Weekend in Devon

Dartmoor Lodge Hotel in Ashburton

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MMC members booked every room in the Dartmoor Lodge hotel for the 2017 Driving Weekend!

The weekend included a visit to The Lodge of St Lawrence 9323 - who describe themselves as 'a dining lodge' - and there was also an an opportunity for those who were brave enough to visit HMS Courageous, a decommissioned Nuclear Submarine in the nearby Navel Dockyards.

Friday began with members' arrival at the hotel on a gloriously warm and sunny afternoon. Most people were to be found sitting outside in the sunshine with their friends and a drink, watching and waiting for late arrivals.

On Friday evening, Ladies dined at the hotel while the brethren visited The Lodge of St Lawrence 9323 at the beautiful Masonic Hall in nearby Ashburton.

Masonic Hall Ashburton

The meeting was made very special by the presence not only of our own Provincial Grand Master (President of the Worcestershire Masonic Motoring Club) but also by that of the Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire, RW Bro Ian Kingsbury

R W Bro Ian Kingsbury, PGM Devonshire

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Saturday morning started grey and damp and owners of some of the older cars were to be found with oily rags topping up essential fluids and coaxing their vehicles to life. After a relatively easy drive into Plymouth, we arrived at the Naval Dockyards where the group was split into two distinct groups - those who were brave enough to endure the confined space of a decommissioned nuclear submarine and those who weren't!

The submariners were bussed away to the sub while the landlubbers enjoyed a tremendously interesting tour of the various museums on site.

The afternoon was rounded off with a delicious Devon Pastie as a prelude to a splendid dinner at the hotel in the evening.

Although Sunday started out damp, the sun shone brightly for the drive to Dartmouth Ferry and after a very short crossing members were able to browse the town and enjoy lunch before the final event of the weekend, a trip by steam train on the South Devon Railway.

Graham Ashcroft's Nissan 200SX didn't make it to Devon. Can you guess why?

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