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WMMC Annual Weekend

Devon 2019

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Once again, a host of WMMC members, wives, partners and cars met at the Dartmoor Lodge for a touring weekend around the south of Devon.


The Friday night commenced with the Masonic Gentlemen attending a local Lodge meeting, while the Lady Masonettes shared an evening meal together.

On the Saturday the organisers suggested an amazing route for everyone to follow, taking in sights, such as the Slapton Sands War Memorial and Dartmouth Harbour. The weather was mixed but spirits remained high, particularly in the pursuit of coffee and cake.

In the afternoon, everyone was treated to a free ride on a steam engine from Buckfastleigh to Totnes. Having been won by Kirsty Bowie-Jinks at the Drive It Day Auction, she and her friend took charge of the engine on the way to Totnes. The ladies (wearing a Engine Driver's hat from James and Jenny Shine, who were truly missed this year) looked decidedly more sooty than the Masonic trio who drove back! Some say that it was an indication of effort and skill... but which way?

All returned to the hotel for the evening meal. The tradition was continued of passing on the 'Meritorious Award' in recognition of something or someone that typifies the spirit of the WMMC Weekend. This year it was awarded to a fabulous Jaguar XKR Convertible, due to its emission of the most magnificent mellifluous waffle of an exhaust note - one that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end! Wonderful.

Sunday morning breakfast was followed with another expert route suggestion to Salcombe. The sun shone, raincoats were removed and the picturesque seaside town was a beautiful end to a wonderful weekend. Thanks to the organisers for all that they did to create a brilliant experience for us all.

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